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When we take advice from a financial advisor we expect an unquestionable expertise and care and our financial matters will be properly managed. Sometimes financial advisors fail to implement a duty of care and may lead to serious consequences for the client, if the work also falls below the level needed by the law. Inferior or unsuitable financial advice may guide to suffering financial losses of the client, the retirement and pension funds may be put at risk. In this kind of cases, a person may be able to receive compensation for any losses that is the outcome of unsuitable financial advice.

If you have suggested with poor financial advice then you should begin with a formal complaint against your financial adviser and their respective company. You can make an earnest request to the courts or an industry complaint scheme like the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), if your financial adviser’s response is disappointing. For lodging a dispute, there are time limits and when going to a court or FOS, you must know that there are both advantages and disadvantages.

Handling a dispute with financial advice organisation and their insurer by yourself is tough, laborious and time consuming so, it is advisable to seek expert help. Financial negligence lawyer Perth are experts in dealing this kind of cases and they will explain your legal rights to you as well as provide the right advice of whether to process with legal action for compensation or not. Our lawyers of Civil Lawyers Perth will make the procedure easier for you by providing uncomplicated legal advice.

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There are some rules explaining how a financial adviser should deal with the client. When providing financial advice to a client a financial advisor obligated to duty of care towards the client which require them to:

  • Be fully informed about the client
  • Have information about the financial product which they are recommending
  • Provide appropriate advice, and
  • Make statutory revelation and communication.

In most of the situations the losses caused by market instability and other disaster are not the way to make a claim. However, when a person’s way of life or retirements are lost because of poor financial advice then the person may be eligible to obtain compensation from the financial advisor.

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