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We at Civil Lawyers Perth WA are a legal services firm specializing in defamation cases. Our defamation lawyer perth will not just help you seek the maximum compensation but would also advise you on trivial aspects of the case. This would help bring up secondary cases, thus eliciting further compensation for the mental agony that you or your kin went through. That is an advantage of hiring a defamation suit expert.

At a general legal services firm, your case is just another one for their lawyers. However our expert counsel seeks a private interview with the client and in the process comes up with matters that could have gone unnoticed. That would qualify for other forms of minor compensation.

At civil lawyers perth we have expert counsel handling only defamation cases. Our success rate is proof that a general legal services firm cannot achieve what an expert counsel at defamation lawyer perth with years of experience in the trivialities of such suits can.

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Types of Cases Handled by Defamation Lawyer Perth

Let’s look at a few types of defamation cases common at our firm.

Defamation in Newspapers and on the Internet: We commonly come across such appeals. If you feel that any newspaper has defamed you by writing illicit content, visit us immediately. As for the process of compensation payment regarding Internet defamation, after the Dow Jones v Joseph Gutnick case, the High Court of Australia has ruled that compensation would be paid at the place of residence.

Social Media Defaming: This has become a trend with courts finding it difficult to put a check on the extent of the right to free speech. Our counsels are experts in handling such cases and would ensure you win the case.

Individual Cases: These are cases that our experienced lawyers solve on a daily basis with a very impressive success rate.
Give us a call on an urgent basis if you are looking for a defamation lawyer and we assure you of maximum compensation.

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