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Our team of Civil lawyers is a team of professional dispute resolution lawyers focuses on resolving matters at first stage, that is, litigation stage. Our dispute resolution lawyers are efficient at handling protracted disputes and believe in employing the methods of mediations and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADRs) first, as most of the time the time and cost put into the process outweigh the result.

Our civil lawyers are experienced in handling such cases and taking the most direct route leading to faster dispute resolution. We also believe in complete confidentiality in case of any family dispute.

The most frequent cases are consumer grievance cases, in such cases, our panel discusses the exact points that were considered at the time of buying the product/service but were not fulfilled at the end point of sale.

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Types of Disputes

There can be many kinds of disputes, some of them are:

Family Disputes: A family dispute requires a very delicate approach and the lawyer should ensure confidentiality that is needed as any mudslingings tarnish the image of the whole family unit. Our expert lawyers ensure there are no hard feelings at the end of the settlement between the parties.

Farmer-Creditor Dispute: We look into the matter thoroughly and consider consulting all the stakeholders, such as farmer, credit lenders, individual and banks if needed.

Credit Card Matters: Credit Card issues are always thought of as long and protracted. Court proceedings may prove expensive if they continue after the second sitting. However, our attempt is to resolve such disputes in the early stages.

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