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All employees working in any firm or under a single employer, in any position, have certain legal and moral rights which should be followed and respected by all employers. If you as an employee feel that your rights have been disrespected, then you have every right to revolt against it. Our team of  Civil Lawyers is well aware of the fact that all employees try to solve these issues informally, and take this extreme step of approaching an employment dispute lawyer only when abuses go beyond the limits of bearing them. Our focus is to make sure that all clients approaching us gets just and fair resolution, as quickly as possible.

Our team of Civil Lawyers in Perth have the best team of employment lawyers. They have years of experience in dealing with employment disputes and know the employment rights. We believe in giving our clients smooth and hassle-free experience.

Need assistance with employment issues? of just seeking guidance about a specific situation? Contact us via our email id or phone number, or visit us in person, we are here to help you.

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Our employment lawyers have wide experience in dealing with cases of various issues like unfair dismissal, discrimination, and harassment of any forms, bullying at the workplace, breaching of employment contracts, unfair redundancy, and superannuation. Also, if you are a victim of disciplinary proceedings initiated by your employer or hiring company, our employment lawyers can help you with the right guidance, clear understanding of the available options to you and proceed in the court if that is needed.

Problems at workplace cause trauma and affect the health too. Call us today to get best consultation, where we will discuss your issue and analyze your situation. We will next appoint an experienced employment dispute lawyer for you, who will discuss the case with you at length including the claims you can make to the employer or company.

Get rid of your employment problems the most hassle-free way through us. Contact our Civil Lawyers Perth today.

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