About Us

Civil lawyers Perth WA is a service of Tang Law, a team of highly professional and dedicated team of lawyers. We believe being involved in a legal suit itself is an unfortunate and stressful event in anyone’s life. That is why we choose to deliver our services at the most reasonable charges and strive for smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients. we seek just and fair outcomes placing our client at the forefront of our priority.

Benefits of our services

  • Our charges are most reasonable and affordable.
  • Civil lawyers will Resolve your problems in the best possible manner.
  • We provide a clear and honest advice to a client concerning business transactions, defending lawsuits, or legal rights and obligations.
  • Our focus is to deliver personalized services to each of our clients with a deep understanding of the specific matter, as every case is unique.
  • Civil lawyers can analyze the probable outcomes of cases, using extensive court experience.

If you want to avail initial consultation, then call our civil lawyers today.

Services we provide

Provides initial consultation

Contract drafting

Contract review

Debt recovery


Neighbour Dispute resolution

Building dispute resolution

Commercial dispute resolution

Settlement services

So, do you need assistance from a civil lawyer? call us today, our team of highly experienced lawyers is waiting to help.