What is administrative law?

Administrative law has been explained as a collection of legal principles that control the relationship between the government and the governed. Administrative law Australia can provide regulatory authorities the authority to make decisions that affect your rights. In Australia, the employment of powers by Government and their departments must be based on legal authority.

The legal authority generally includes laws passed by Parliament or regulations made by regulatory authorities. Now, when you disagree with a decision made by regulatory authorities and want to challenge it, the administrative law dispute arises. Usually, you need to apply to have the decision officially reviewed in the court or tribunal, if the decision has an effect on your sustenance or the survival of your business. There are strict time limits for lodging an application, if you miss that, the decision will not be reviewed.

  • Suppose you want to start a business, the first thing you need is a license or approval to start your business (for e.g. gaming venue, registered training organization, liquor sales outlet or taxi-cab operator). Now, if a regulatory authority declines your application or invalidates your existing license then you no longer can carry on the business legally.
  • Assume that you want to work or might be working in a regulated professions, such as motor car sales, real estate sales, medical practitioner or other health professional. So, in such a case you need to apply or have a registration to work. But if the regulatory authorities decide to turn down your application for work or cancels your existing registration then you are not eligible to work in that profession anymore while the decision stands.

The above examples explain that the power of regulatory authorities is far-reaching and complex, but it is not possible to agree with their decision in every situation if it affects your livelihood. If you are affected by such a decision you need the help of an experienced lawyer. our team of  Administrative law lawyers can help you with the right advice and guidance to protect and preserve your rights and interests.

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How our team of Civil Lawyers Can Help You?

Our administrative Law Lawyers can help:

  • Give the right advice on how to protect and preserve your rights and interests.
  • Assist in dealing with the regulatory authority and address their concerns on your behalf.
  • Advise whether the review of the decision is possible, and how to have it done.
  • Have decisions reanalyzed in the court or tribunal.
  • Negotiate with the regulatory authorities to amend the decision.
  • Make formal application to the regulatory authority explaining why the decision is wrong.

Our lawyers are experienced in achieving positive outcomes by reviewing proceedings by negotiation. If you are facing any kind of administrative law dispute then consult our civil lawyers without any hesitation.

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