Debt Recovery

For the business sustainability, and healthy cash flow in a business successful debt collection is necessary. If people who buy your goods or services do not pay you back, your business may be in trouble regardless the size of your organization.

It is equally frustrating if you are on the other side of the matter too. If you are chased for debt collection where: you may already have paid, did not receive any good/services, the goods you received is not what you ordered, or you may have received poor quality of goods and you wish it to be replaced.

We can help you with either case. You can rest assured that our civil lawyers can assist you to collect due payment or deal with the matter where payment is demanded from you wrongfully. We can assist with all kinds of debt recovery cases from simple and minor debts to really large and complex debt proceeding in the court.

We know that issues regarding debt collection can be highly irritating and demoralizing, thus try to provide solutions as quickly as we can. If you are involved with such situation, make a quick inquiry today.

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How can we help you

We deal with all kinds of debt recovery cases:

  • Reviewing your standard contracts to improve the terms and conditions and thus safeguarding your organization/you
  • Preparing the general security agreements and registration of security interests under the Personal Property Security Register norms
  • Preparing letters of demand and issuing them
  • Registering Property Seizure and Sale Orders
  • Issuing statutory demands against the companies who didn’t pay their debts to you
  • Lodging mortgages to secure assets to protect your credit facilities
  • Carrying out the required legal proceedings to recover debts
  • Carrying out inquiries

We have extensive experience and knowledge in debt recovery cases. Call one of our  Civil Lawyers Perth now.

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