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Legislation all over Australia provides for the capability to segregate a property by way of granting different title to parcels of land, often mentioned to as lots. The independent/ individual titles that are produced are mentioned to as strata titles. It is common application that the independent proprietors of the strata titles will share some particular facilities at the property (known as “common property”) such as gardens, stairwell, driveways and amenities. These provisions do not, of themselves form part of an independent Strata Title.

In Western Australia (WA), strata titles are controlled by the Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA), however variety of property rights are also provided for under the Property Law Act 1969 (WA). Strata Lawyers Perth is well experienced at giving legal advice and services in the field of strata title and related

  • Representing owners entangled in disputes and negotiations occurring in relation to their strata titles;
  • Imparting advice related to the rights of strata title owners;
  • Counselling and representing strata companies with respect to existing obligations, their governing rules and with respect to litigation and disagreement.
  • Legal transferring support to sellers and buyers of strata titles.

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Disagreement between lot owners or between lot owners and strata company are controlled through the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT). An individual in disagreement make an application to the SAT. If the SAT is convinced on logical grounds that the situations are in fact critical then applications for a provisional order can be made, in vital circumstances. Temporary orders continue for 3 months or until a proper main order is made. Temporary orders can be extended for a further 3 months following which they will expire. If you have been troubled or damaged by an order made by the SAT then you may submit a request to the Supreme Court who may declare, differ or cancel the order made by the SAT, replacing its own order or reject the appeal.

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