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Separations are generally difficult for both partners and children. One of the hardest side of separation is reaching an agreement on financial or property matters. This agreement is known as property settlement, here property includes all your assets and liabilities whether they are in your or your partner’s name only, in joint names or in the name of a company or a trust. In this kind of situation, a guidance from an experienced person is always advisable.
Married couples get 1 year from the date of their divorce to complete property settlement or issue court action and de facto couples get 2 years from the date of separation to finalize property settlement.

There is no assumption in the law that the property should be divided equally (50%/50%) between both the parties and also there is no set rules that the court follow to split the property between the parties. The property settlement depends on circumstances of each case and other multiple factors like financial condition of both parties, future needs according to their health and age, non-financial contribution, and the necessity to care for any children. Finally, the court decides whether the suggested percentage of property division is right, appropriate and unbiased in all of the situations.

The legal process and court proceedings are complex and sometimes disturbing so, you can take help from our expert property settlement lawyers Perth, they will help you from negotiation to court representation.

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Documenting your agreement using any one of the three options is very vital. The options are:

  • Consent Orders,
  • A binding financial agreement (BFA),
  • A combination of both

Documenting your agreement by one of those options is so important because, otherwise the agreement will not be legally binding.

The process at Civil Lawyers Perth is very uncomplicated, you can contact us via phone and we will discuss about your relationship and some issues confidentially and after some basic information we can start the process by fixing an appointment with the best lawyer for your situation. Now, at your meeting with our lawyer, they will discuss about the legal pathways suitable in your situation and what possible positive result can be achieved. Then you can decide whether to proceed with the property settlement process or not. Having our lawyers by your side can give you the highest possible chance of obtaining positive results.

Separation and property settlement is a difficult and stressful time for you and we can understand how difficult it is for you to manage everything. Property settlement lawyers Perth are very understanding and at the same time they are very professional at their work. If you are suffering from any confusion or problems regarding your property settlement then without any doubt get in touch with us at anytime. You can contact us – Civil Lawyers Perth – via phone or send us an email and our team will be very happy to help you and to provide a solution to your problem.

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