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Any individual can have a contract made between him/her and another party, regarding any matter that needs a legal backbone. Though verbal agreements carry a lot of value and are legal too, they have no proof of their existence. Written contracts carry a lot of importance and have proof of their existence too, and thus are more sought after by everyone. What is also important is the proper content of the agreement, so that all parties are satisfied and no one is deprived of anything- money or rights- that he/she deserves. And this calls for proper and error-free contract reviewing. That exactly is the job of a contract review lawyers.

We realize the importance of precise contract review and make sure that the contract you have been given to agree upon is perfect and respects your rights and needs.

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We provide help from the initial stage of offer and acceptance to making sure that the agreement is unambiguous and either party has a clear understanding of their obligations under the contract. We believe that attention to details is extremely important in minimising the potential problems and saving your money and time. We review all kinds of contracts including but not limited to:
  • shareholders contracts
  • license contracts
  • distribution and supply contracts
  • contracts for the sale of land
  • partnership and joint venture contracts
  • Loan contracts
  • franchise contracts
  • confidentiality contracts
  • service and consultancy contracts
  • selling or buying business contracts
  • contractor or employment contracts

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