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It is defamation when one is subjected to libelous, defamatory or slanderous publications or verbal comments, which can ruin one’s reputation. Australian law protects all living and natural citizens from the statements which are false and defamatory in nature.  We deal with all kinds of defamation issues whether you are defamed by someone or someone accused you of defaming the other. You can claim for defamation if you can show that you are defamed publically by verbal or publication means. And if you are accused by someone then you need to seek legal advice as soon as possible as not responding in an appropriate timeframe can have adverse consequences. If you are a public personality or a business, the risks are very high whether you are defamed or accused.

If you are unjustifiably accused or victimised of defamatory comment or publication, our  Civil Lawyers can help you in dealing with such matters with utmost sincerity and dedication.

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Types of Cases Handled by our Defamation Lawyer

Defamation in Newspapers and on the Internet: We commonly come across such cases. If you feel that any newspaper has defamed you by writing illicit content, visit us immediately. For the process of compensation payment regarding Internet defamation, after the Dow Jones v Joseph Gutnick case, the High Court of Australia has ruled that compensation would be paid at the place of residence.

Social Media Defaming: This has become a trend with courts finding it difficult to put a check on the extent of the right to free speech. Our counsels are experienced in handling such cases and would help ensure the just and fair outcome.

Individual Comments: To establish a case of defamation, it has to be proven that the allegations made are harmful, wrongful, malicious and not just an honest opinion.

If you have been defamed or have been accused of defamation, contact Civil Lawyers Perth immediately to avail professional help.

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