Expert Lawyers Solve Cases of Breach of Intellectual Property Right

At Civil Lawyers Perth WA, we are a team of experienced lawyers specialized in dealing in intellectual property right breach cases. As we specialize in these cases, our ip experts find it easy handling them and also seeking compensation and would file other minor cases that could go unnoticed at an all-services legal firm.

The right legal advice is very important at the time of drawing out an IP strategy for your treasured innovation so close to your heart. Our expert ip lawyers perth have an idea of the trivial aspects associated with intellectual property breach cases. We therefore advise you to consult us before taking a license.

That’s the difference civil lawyers perth make to your case compared to a general legal services firm.

Get the required assistance at the right time and avoid exposure of your innovation to any sort of license breach or trademark violation or copy. We will guide you through the license approval process and in case of any ip violation; our expert counsels will ensure a speedy resolution and the much needed privacy.

Hurry! Contact us on our phone number if you are looking to file a suit against IP breach or if you want to take our advice before applying for patent.

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Hire West Australia’s Best Lawyers for IP violation cases and breach of license

Our legal counsels are experienced in the legal aspects of trademark, licenses and the IP Commercial laws of West Australia. IP litigation and disputes are generally over infringement of trademark and breach of licenses.

Design violation is an important issue in trademark violation. Your innovation may not be copied on the whole but the design can be stolen. That too counts as a breach of your Intellectual Property right.

Advertisements are another area of ip breach. Your new and innovative ad idea is copied by another company. Such cases are solved with a good success rate.
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