8 Benefits Of Conducting Workplace Investigations

June 21, 2022    Civillawyers
8 Benefits Of Conducting Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are fact-finding exercises that seek to collect valuable information and evidence related to alleged misconduct. To make decisions in the workplace in a disciplined way or without grievances without undergoing successful workplace investigations may render any action or decision unfair or unlawful.


This might lead to a company being exposed to risks of legal action. There are many benefits that a company can gain from a successful workplace investigation, whether you hire an external investigator, Tips to Choose Employment Lawyer or someone from your company.


Benefits of Workplace Investigation

Some of the benefits of a successful workplace investigation are as follows:


1. Early Intervention To Determine What Occurred-

The main aim of all types of investigation is to determine what happened, whether it is good or bad and if it can be stopped. It can also be helpful to decide if nothing has happened at all.


You will also get to know why people are complaining in your workspace. Most investigations help companies to understand workplace culture problems. A proper investigation can help to reveal workplace problems one way or the other. This can enable business leaders to form a plan for further action and avoid workplace problems.


2. Addressing And Resolving Workplace Culture Problems-

You can usually identify the potential negative workplace culture problems through an investigation. The issues that are detected and there is an opportunity to correct them.


This can provide companies with an opportunity for positive changes in the workplace that can help a company to shift toward a diverse, inclusive, and friendly place to work for.


3. To Help Enforce Company Policies-

Company policies need to be followed and not violated. You need to show your employees that your company looks into the various policy violations when it comes to workplace conduct to help set the appropriate tone.


4. Encourage The Communication And Reporting Of Employees-

When you investigate and deal with problems quickly, it can encourage your employees to come forward with their problems and concerns. This indicates that you can hear about troubles in the workplace before it becomes a bigger problem.


Your workforce can be comfortable with your HR (Human Resources) and senior management team if your employees feel safe reporting their concerns.


5. Lessen Or Reduce Liability-

A successful workplace investigation, despite the outcome, can help your company to avoid or defend itself against future lawsuits. If there is any misconduct and it is stopped, the potential for liability is reduced. Read more – Things You Must Know Before Filing a Lawsuit


If nothing much happened and the finding is adequately documented, you have created a solid argument against former employee lawsuits. But either way, it is a win-win situation.


6. It Can Save You Time And Money-

Although there are multiple things that a workplace investigation can deliver to your business, the best thing is it can save your time and money. It will also help to give you peace of mind.


When workplace investigations are conducted, there is a chance that conflicts that start to build up can easily be eliminated. This can save the time and money of your company as the situation will escalate further to a lawsuit.


7. Workplace Investigations Are Impartial-

When hiring independent third-party investigators for workplace investigations, you must know they will be impartial. They will not take anything into consideration, such as existing relationships or existing gossip.


Their only work is to gather evidence and make use of the proof of a balanced and neutral finding. They will not pay attention to unimportant things and only focus on the given task.


8. The investigators possess a wealth of knowledge-

Another benefit of a workplace investigation is that the investigators can provide a different perspective and possess a wealth of knowledge. They will not even know the ins and outs of a business, and this may be a blessing in disguise for you.


Independent investigators have the proper knowledge required for an investigation; they know everything regarding workplace investigation processes.


Why is Workplace Investigation Necessary?

There are many reasons why you need to perform a workplace investigation, but out of all, there are two critical catalysts:


  • An employee can lodge a complaint against another employee, for instance, sexual harassment, micro-management, and bullying.
  • Or, you believe that the conduct of an employee justifies a strict action or dismissal. It can be due to a breach of company policy or illegal behaviour.


Both the sources need to be treated with the same amount of attention, and you need to take all the incidents seriously.


What Does a Proper Investigation Mean?

Taking steps to investigate an incident may seem challenging, but you must consider your legal obligation. You also need to collect the evidence, interview witnesses, prepare investigation reports, and record statements.


All these things need to be done in an impartial manner, and for any business, even the ones with an internal HR department, it can be a time-consuming task. You may be able to find a solution with the help of a third party to conduct the investigations.


What Are the Risks of Getting the Investigation Wrong?

When you hire a third party to conduct workplace investigations, you can help to reduce the risks that are involved in the entire process. This can be a difficult time for any kind of business, people and processes will be under scrutiny, and these things need to be handled correctly.


As a company, you need to ensure that the process is free from any kind of prejudice or biases. It is not possible to handle these things internally as different people will have different opinions regarding the workplace culture.


There are huge chances of cultural problems in getting the process wrong. It may prevent other individuals in your company from coming forward, and this can result in some even leaving the business.


It can be hard to rebuild relationships proper to any investigation. When you bring in an external and honest expert that can help you find the truth, there cannot be a better message to your employees. Where neutral individuals conduct investigations, there are fewer chances of misunderstanding among the employees.


How to Manage a Workplace Investigation?

While problems in a workplace can often occur, enhancing those problems to the subject of a workplace investigation does not usually happen. But when it indeed happens, you need to ensure that it is done correctly.


As per experts, you do not get more than one chance to conduct a workplace investigation. The way you handle the entire thing can either benefit your company or cause problems in the future.


What Are Some Indicators that You Require a Workplace Investigation?

Some indicators that warrant a workplace investigation are as follows:


• Unofficial and official reports of misconduct

A workplace investigation occurs when customers, employees, or vendors complain of company misconduct. Reports can arrive via a formal pathway or might stem from a casual conversation.


It might even arise from social media or group comments. It is essential to be vigilant when reports or concerns are brought to you. The claims that may seem minor can lead to more significant issues if not looked at properly.


• Whistleblower and anonymous reports

People who hide their identity when reporting misconduct are due to fear. Sometimes, such reports are received from an anonymous reporting pathway like an email, employee survey, hotline, or concern box.


Though these reports can help you, they also have some limitations like the inability to clarify and coming from an unverified source.


These reports are capable of exposing misconduct in your company and need to be investigated regardless of credibility.


• Suspects of misconduct

There may be events where an unusual or doubtful activity is brought to a company’s attention. The observant managers or employees may notice changes in behaviours in the workplace that can raise concerns.


When things seem to be unusual, a workplace investigation can help to confirm or eliminate suspicions. It can also help to prevent an issue from further escalating.


• Incidents or accidents

Incidents and accidents must be documented and, if required, can result in investigations in the workplace. Such triggers may also consist of undesirable events that can cause damage to property and result in potential harm.


If such situations or events can lead to health and safety problems, they need to be investigated despite what happens. It is better to stop something serious than to let it escalate.


• Findings from audits or routine operations

Your company may learn of misconducts, wrongdoings, or ethical problems in the workplace from an audit or daily operations. There are many things, such as current financial differences, that can result in an investigation.


Why Choose Civil Lawyers Perth?

If you suspect or think that there are ongoing problems in your company, you can consider hiring workplace investigations lawyers or employment lawyers from Civil Lawyers Perth. If there are civil problems in your company, these lawyers can provide you with quality support throughout the entire process.

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