Different Types of Public Liability Claims in Perth

April 3, 2024    Civillawyers
Different Types of Public Liability Claims in Perth

There are several instances when you can sustain injuries in public unexpectedly. Sometimes, it can result from personal negligence or mistakes, and other times, it can be caused by someone else.

The consequences can be devastating, and in the case, it takes place because of someone else, you can claim damages. This article is a guide to the different public liability claim types.

What does a public liability claim mean?

Injuries are unpredictable and can occur at any time. A public liability claim process is a compensation claim for any personal injuries that you think may have been caused by a third party. This claim is made against an individual or organisation legally required to maintain and uphold safety in public places. This can be a school, a shopping mall, a business, or any other public space where you can freely move.

If you’re injured at a place like this and believe it was caused by negligence in the provision of care, then you are entitled to make a public liability claim.

This is why companies should have public liability insurance to help cover treatment costs and damages during untoward situations like accidents.

What are the different types of public liability claims?

Various kinds of damages and injuries can be incurred in public spaces. Some of the most common liability claims are:

1. Bodily Harm

Being physically injured is one of the most common types of damage sustained in public spaces. Consequently, one of the most frequent liability claims is for bodily injury. This can be claimed when you’ve sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence in a public space where they are supposed to provide care. For example, if you are injured from a wet floor in a shopping mall that should have been mopped, you can claim a personal injury against it.

2. Emotional Distress

Injuries are not just physical but also mental. If you’ve suffered from emotional trauma due to someone’s negligence in a public space, then you are within your rights to make a public liability claim for psychological distress. This is relevant when you witness something traumatic at no fault of your own or when the managers of the specific space are responsible for caring for anyone accessing it.

3. Damage of property

In many cases, you can have property such as your car, house, or other personal belongings damaged in a public space due to someone else’s negligence. For example, if your car is damaged at a parking lot due to the staff’s negligence, then you are entitled to claim compensation from the institution.

4. Faulty product claims

Whenever you purchase goods or services, the manufacturer has certain duties to the consumer. That includes the products living up to their claims, being functional, and not causing harm to the user. If these conditions aren’t met and the product or service causes you injury or harm, you as a consumer can claim a public liability claim for breach of care.

5. Loss of income

If any public mishap or injury due to breach of care causes you to lose income in the future, you can make a public liability claim. This can happen in situations when the damage or injury directly impacts your ability to work or maintain an income. You might even be entitled to further compensation depending on the degree of injury.

6. Punitive Damage

In certain cases, the injury caused to you in a public space may be deliberate or caused by illegal conduct, such as driving under the influence or willful negligence. In such cases, you can seek a public liability claim for the guilty to be punished for their actions.

7. Pain and Suffering

If mishaps or negligence in a public space cause you direct pain and distress, you can claim a public liability. However, these must directly correlate to the breach of care expected in that space. For example, being injured in an accident you had no part in.

8. Wrongful Death

This is an extreme case where a breach of care leads to the demise of an individual. For example, if there is a death as a result of a car accident, electrocution, falls, etc. Apart from filing a police report, you can also file a public liability claim.

Summing up

Filing a liability claim at the right time can help you determine who was at fault in a certain mishap and gain compensation to assist in your recovery. It can also prevent more accidents from happening in the future. Understand the types of claims first, and contact the team of personal injury claims lawyers Perth to help you make your claims today.

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