How to File Or Lodge a Complaint Against a Doctor for Medical Negligence?

May 24, 2023    Civillawyers
How to File Or Lodge a Complaint Against a Doctor for Medical Negligence?

Did your health start to deteriorate after you visited a doctor?


It can be because of the recklessness of your medical practitioner. Do you know how to report a doctor for negligence? In case you don’t, the blog is exactly for you.


The carelessness of a doctor is known as medical negligence. It has life-threatening consequences on your health. Thus, you should file a case right now to safeguard yourself. The lawyers can introduce you to the law so that you can define the act as actual negligence.


Before it turns into a significant concern, take your step now. You can get compensation for the damage caused to you by the professional. Here is how.


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How to Know if It is a Medical Negligence?

Doctors perform heroic work. We acknowledge them as our lifesavers. But their one mistake can be life-threatening to us. Medical errors have havoc consequences. It is often impossible to understand if the act was negligence or part of the procedure. The following signs can help you.

1. Lack of Informed Consent

Before the doctor proceeds with any medical treatment, they must inform you of its potential risks. They would ask for your permission to perform the treatment on you. Lack of informed consent is the easiest way to determine if the professional is breaching their duty.


There can be exceptions, such as emergency cases. But despite your disagreement, any treatment performed is subject to medical negligence. If your professional fails to warn you of the risks, you can file a case against them.

2. Your Treatment Has Made You Suffer from Complications

When you undergo any treatment, it is likely to cure your health issues. But if you notice anything unusual, like pain or more adverse consequences of the issue, it can be a sign of medical negligence.

3. The treatment isn’t working.

If your health is not improving, even after following the doctor’s words, it can be because of bad treatment.

4. Your doctor hasn’t Solved Your Post-Treatment Concerns.

Your doctor must follow up on all your post-treatment issues. Whether it is a minor side effect, they must help you recover it. If the doctor or medical specialist fails to do so, you should search for how to report the doctor for negligence.

5. The Treatment Plan Is Not Matching with the Severity of Your Disease.

Overly or unnecessary treatment can be performed under the carelessness of the doctor. Whether the treatment is not sufficient or excessive for your condition may be a sign of negligence.


Also, you have to notice if it has made you suffer. The understaffed medical specialists can only stretch themselves a little thin, resulting in sloppy care for patients.

6. New symptoms

Often treatment will lead to the symptoms of another disease. It is only usual when your doctor has warned you about it. But if you notice something like this without any caution, you are suffering from medical negligence.


It is very normal for you not to be capable of easily identifying medical negligence vs malpractice. You may need to learn about the medicines they are prescribing you. But you can follow up on the signs. If you find any of it applicable, run to an expert.


The expert can be a lawyer. They have broad ideas about medical negligence. They can determine whether the doctor or other specialist has breached their duty. Also, they can help you get compensation from them.


Filing a Complaint Against Doctor Or Medical Practitioner: How to Do So?

When you want to know how to file a complaint against a doctor for inappropriate behaviour or medical negligence, the process is pretty simple. You just have to contact the experts from AHPRA [Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency].


AHPRA will take a look at the complaints made by people about a health professional or a doctor for medical negligence or inappropriate behaviour. To contact them, you can visit their official website or just call them on their contact number.


Before filing a complaint, you can also speak to your Medical Negligence Lawyers in Perth about such matters and get some helpful advice on such matters. That way, it will become easier to file a complaint and get the help you need from them.


How Does AHPRA Manage All the Concerns/Complaints?

All the notifications or concerns that are made to AHPRA are handled seriously. They are properly managed and assessed by the staff members who are experts in dealing with all the “notifications” in a confidential and sensitive manner.


The “Medical Board of Australia” is known as the 2nd-decision maker when it comes to complaints made against doctors at AHPRA for medical negligence. The official website of AHPRA also contains plenty of information on the investigations and on the “Board”, which you can check.


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What Type of Action is Taken for Medical Negligence in Australia?

Agencies, such as AHPRA, are experts at investigating all the notifications/concerns about medical practitioners/doctors on behalf of the Medical Board of Australia and the general public.


The Board has the ability to take action against the public to protect them and also make sure that the highest level of standards of conduct is maintained by the medical experts. The National Law” decides what the Board cannot and can do.


The National will also direct the Board to discipline the medical experts and also gives them the ability to hear all the allegations made on medical negligence. Every Australian territory and state has tribunals.


The Board needs to refer all the matters to the tribunal within a territory or the state where the medical negligence took place. But there are various types of actions that are taken for medical negligence.


  • The tribunal has the power to suspend or cancel the medical registration of a physician or a doctor when the case for medical negligence is extremely severe.
  • The tribunal and the Board will impose restrictions and conditions on the registration of the physician, which limits the way a medical expert does their job.
  • The Medical Board of Australia has the right to caution the medical practitioner or the doctor.
  • The tribunal can also impose a fine, make the physician or medical expert complete further education, undergo proper counselling or issue a reprimand.


Bottom Line

In final words, while suffering from damage or injury already, it becomes difficult to run to the court and fight for your rights. If you want to know how to file a complaint against a doctor, Best Civil Lawyers Perth can help. It can have severe impacts on your lifespan.


The lawyers can extend your deserving compensation. It would help you treat your damage. Also, you can get the cost for further medical check-ups and needed medicines.

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