Know how Boundary Survey helps to resolve dispute with Neighbour

November 30, 2022    Civillawyers
Know how Boundary Survey helps to resolve dispute with Neighbour

One of the essential components of owning a property is to know about the boundaries. When there are no clear boundaries, there will be arguments to know if it’s commercial property, private property or the area is used for mining and drilling.

When there are different views on the boundary lines, you might have to opt for a survey. Read the blog below to learn what is a boundary survey and know about its benefits, cost and much more.

Understanding the Concept of Boundary Survey

Boundary surveys are surveys that define property boundaries formally and properly. Boundary survey defines the parcels of land, especially corners of it and people usually start commissioning the surveys before purchasing, improving or dividing a piece of land.

After the completion of the survey, the assessor will form a drawing, and it is best to hire an expert for the survey. They will ensure that the measurements are accurate. The drawing will have the following;

  • The dimensions will come from subdivision plats, survey drawings and deeds. You will find the exact property lines.
  • You can look for the survey to include any arguments by past landowners.
  • For upgrades, you can also include the sheds, pools, garages, houses and other changes made to the actual land.
  • Pailings are mostly used as a way to help people identify where exactly your property is located. But these fences or pailings not often built on the land, and though a fence would be included in drawings, they should not use it as the property’s layout.
  • A surveyor will provide the easements on drawings if they possess the title commitment.

What is the Cost of Any Survey?

When it comes to the cost of the boundary survey, it’s different for every project, and it will depend on many aspects and how much the surveying company changes. Some things that can surely have a massive impact on the cost of the survey will include the following:

  • The ruggedness and accessibility of the land
  • The parcel’s size
  • The seasonality is present in essential features of the land like ground markings or leaf cover.
  • Size and shape of the land that got surveyed.
  • The main reason for survey commissioning.

What is the Boundary Surgery Process, and How Can it Help in Dispute Resolution?

Conducting a survey at the boundary is important as it can help define the boundaries of a property to ensure that there are disputes with neighbours about the property. The process is complex and is done in such a way that ensures that one neighbour cannot illegally claim the land of the other.

When boundaries are defined properly, there are fewer types of boundary disputes with neighbours as one will not claim the other’s boundaries. Defining the boundaries is also considered an essential legal task, and experts take it quite seriously.

Some of the steps of the survey that you should know are:

  • Every section of a property is identified, re-established or verified. These sections also get reset when they cannot be located.
    All the corners will be marked by the surveyor. A rebar or an iron pipe is used as the marker and it’s 2 feet tall.
  • Once the markers are placed, the surveyor will paint every corner with pink spray paint to ensure that it is properly visible.
    Surveyors can also choose to put flags or wooden stakes near the corner to ensure the corners of the property are properly located.
  • The individual who is authorized to conduct the survey can decide if they need to get some upgrades done such as buildings, homes, sheds, fences, pools, or other things to be displayed on this boundary drawing.
  • After this, the assessor will take all the potential encroachments into account.

Drawing of the boundaries is a legal document. All surveyors must ensure to follow all the rules of the state.

What Are Some Benefits of the Boundary Survey?

Before hiring neighbour dispute lawyers to resolve any kind of neighbourhood dispute, learn the benefits of the survey. They are as follows:

  • All properties that will come under the land will be verified, and it will be easier to find any issues in the land.
  • It assists in a recorded easement on the drawing.
  • It helps avoid any kind of neighbour disputes based on land.
  • With the help of boundary survey drawings, you can know the surroundings of the land, and it can help both the buyer and lender to learn the details of the land.
  • It saves a lot of time and avoids mistakes.

Contact Civil Lawyers Perth WA

If you have a dispute with your neighbours about property boundaries, you can opt for the survey. To help find a solution, you can also take the help of the best neighbour dispute lawyers provided by Civil Lawyers Perth WA. The lawyers can help ensure there is a permanent solution to any arguments.

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