Public Liability Claim – Myths Vs Reality

March 19, 2024    Civillawyers
Public Liability Claim – Myths Vs Reality

If you were hurt in a car accident, slip, and fall, dog attack, or other occurrence that was not your fault, you may not consider pursuing a personal injury claim against the responsible party. Many people are either unaware of the choice or believe it is unsuitable for them.

Guide on making a public liability claim can often be surrounded by myths and misconceptions, leading to confusion and misunderstanding. Here are some common myths and the realities behind them:

Myth: Only businesses would be liable for accidents taking place within their premises

Reality: Both business firms and individuals can be subjected to fines or penalties for accidents on their property as a result of business operations, or individual actions. Also, the house owners, landlords, municipalities, and event managers can be penalised if the clients or guests attending the program get injured.

Myth: Public liability claims incur huge payouts

Reality: Most of the time, the amount of payouts is uncertain, and businesses, organizers, or individuals don’t have a crystal clear idea of what amounts to pay for public liability claims. However, the payouts vary depending on the degree of damage or injury the visitor receives during the accident. Some claims lead to payment of hefty amounts, while others may not.

Myth: Public liability claims can lead to unjustified lawsuits

Reality: While undertaking a business endeavour, the employees must look after their clients or customers. One mustn’t neglect their customers or create an unsafe environment that might lead to them suing you for the damages they face because of you.

While few claims might be without valid proof, most are valid and help victims receive compensation for physical and mental harm.

Myth: Public Liability Claims Are A Way Of Quick Money For People

Reality: It is not true to say that a guide on making a public liability claim is easy as one must gather evidence, go through complex legal processes, and negotiate with the insurer or Personal Injury lawyers Perth.

The entire process is time-consuming and may not always go in your favour. So, it is definitely not an avenue for quick money, as consumers will have to prove their claim.

Myth: Public liability insurance is not required for small businesses or firms

Reality: Every big or small business or firm faces equal penalties depending on the damages to your property or as a result of your actions.

Therefore, it is necessary for even small businesses or firms to have public liability insurance that will protect them financially during difficult times. Not having adequate coverage or protection can lead to critical or grave financial stress during times of emergencies.

Myth: You become automatically liable If someone is injured on your premises/property

Reality: This is a widespread myth. However, not all of it is true. You need not worry as a property owner because you are not always responsible for the injury or accident inflicted on the guest.

Several factors are included, such as negligence or breach of responsibility, the reason for the accident, and the amount of care owed to the injured party.

Myth: Public liability claims always go to court

Reality: Contrary to the myth, most of the claims don’t reach the court. The claims can be discussed or negotiated between the parties involved with the help of the insurance representatives.

Many prefer to avoid court trials, which are very complex and can lead to unforeseen situations.

Myth: If the injured person was partly at fault, you won’t be held liable

Reality: In most jurisdictions, the liability is distributed among the parties involved in the accident.

You are subjected to be held liable even if the injured party was the instigator during the incident, as it indicates your participation and negligence that led to the current situation.

Hence, having an in-depth knowledge of the various myths and realities of public liability claims will help individuals and businesses tackle these claims and make educated choices about insurance coverage and legal alternatives.

Wrapping Up

These are just a handful of the growing number of myths concerning insurance policies. The goal is to include insurance in your budget even if you don’t have enough assets to meet your final expenses. Furthermore, contact Civil Lawyers Perth WA, to learn more about public liability claims’ misconceptions

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