Seven Signs of Poor Strata Management

September 26, 2022    Civillawyers
Seven Signs of Poor Strata Management

Signs of Poor Strata Management

There is a significant rise in the ratio of Australians who are willing to live in apartments, gated communities, townhouses, and several other shared housing facilities. The rise in this trend has experienced significant demand for authority figures such as corporate managers and strata dispute lawyers.


Having proper strata management will help in keeping your community in check. It is particularly important for you to have a proper team to ensure proper functioning management. Check out the seven signs of poor strata management –

1. Slow or No Response for Recovery or Maintenance

The strata management of your community must operate on a proper schedule. There must be particular maintenance and recovery work that should be entertained by the management team annually.


There might also be additional damages that require repair and mending these lists of concerns must be handled by the strata management as a top priority. A properly managed body must look into all the matters as soon as they are addressed and pay equal importance to all the issues that are also addressed by the tenants.


A strata management that is not functioning to the best of its ability may drag on an issue for a prolonged period of time. Oftentimes there might also be occasions where several issues are completely overlooked or not addressed at all.


Unresolved or neglected issues by the strata management can often lead to greater corporate issues that might eventually be dragged out for months.


Your strata management team must swiftly try to resolve all the matters that are addressed and also take extra precautionary moves. This also helps in maintaining the overall harmony within your community.

2. Proper Budgeting

One of the essential tasks of strata management is to allot a budget for your community. These budgets are set annually for several aspects of the community, such as maintenance and elevation of the property.


The budget allocated must be spent wisely on all the different sectors of the community in the upcoming year. The strata management must not spend the budget of the community on unnecessary factors and must learn to prioritize the areas that require attention.

3. Poor Tenants Behaviour

Before letting a tenant in any property it is the duty of the strata management to screen each tenant. The strata management must properly check the reference list of all the tenant applicants and review them wisely.


This move will ensure that any tenants who are entering the community are decent and will abide by all the rules and regulations of the community.


If the screening procedure of the tenants is done properly, this will further result in ill-behaved or ill-mannered tenants in the community. If you want to ensure the well-being of your community and make sure that your community is functioning at its best, it is of key importance that you must choose your tenants properly.


If you are further experiencing any problems with your neighbour, you must address them to your strata management, and they must take necessary measures.

4. Disregard the By-Laws

There can be several tenants residing in the building who simply do not care or bother about the rules and regulations of the building complex. The management team might not see resolving tenets issues as the top priority.


The most common strata problems are usually tenant requests to install screens on balconies, parking issues, or general tenant issues. Your management team should swiftly try to resolve these issues. However, if you face issues with your management and they are paying no respect to your needs and issues, you can contact strata lawyers Perth to help you to address the issues and fix a solution for them.

5. Security Issues

Does your building have proper security features? It is great news if your building has proper security features. However, if your security issues are not heard properly by the management, it is a wrong move. The management team of your building must install and implement proper security measures.


Security doors and gates must be installed in your community, they are known for their amazing security features. This will ensure that no individual without a proper security check will be able to enter the property of the community.


If your community does not have a proper security facility, it will be easier for criminals to enter and out of your property unnoticed.


It is also not great news if there have been several security issues in your property over a prolonged period of time. Also, if the neighbourhood around your property has experienced incidents of vandalism, your community must take strict measures to improve its security measures.


On occasions where there have been potential break-ins and accounts of thefts, your community must take strict measures to improve its security. If there have not been steps taken by your strata management for all these parameters, it is a clear sign that there needs to be a change or upgrade in the strata management of your community.

6. Overcrowding

If there are too many folks or families that are constantly coming out and going into your property, this is a clear sign that something is wrong. Your community must have too many tenants that are living together without the notice of the management.


It is also possible that subletting is taking part in your community.


There have been a lot of situations noticed when a particular landlord is stuffing his apartment with more than required and legal numbers of tenants.


There is an issue if the strata management of your community does not notice this issue and address this. You can address his problem to the management team, and if no further steps are taken by the management team, there is a problem.


You can contact strata lawyers to address these issues to the management team and take necessary measures and look into the matter. Check Out – Circumstances Where You Need to Hire A Strata Lawyer

7. Dealing with Dispute Properly

There is a proper way that the strata management must deal with disputes and issues in the community. If you have a particular problem in your place of residence with your neighbour or any other tenant, upon addressing it to your strata management, it must be resolved or looked upon as properly.


The strata management must not be diplomatic and leave the issues to just mingle. It must be addressed. If your management team does not look upon these issues and handle them efficiently, this is a sign that there is an issue by the management team.


To Conclude

If you are purchasing a property that is a part of the strata scheme, there are several perks that may come along with the property. Upon purchasing a property that is a part of the strata scheme, you will not just be rewarded with the property but also the right to use several community properties.


However, there are several challenges that are faced by the individuals who are dwelling in these community facilities.


Oftentimes it is also noticed that there is poor strata management in these facilities. It is best advised to refer to a Civil Lawyers Perth so that he can help you to address and resolve these issues with your strata management.

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