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It is said that as many as 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men face workplace bullying in Australia each day. Yet most people choose to remain quite. The problem of bullying is not specific to any one industry but occurs across industries and across all ranks of offices.

Why do people choose silence? 

Though workplace bullying is among the rampant problems of today’s date, it barely gets the kind of attention it deserves. The victims choose to suffer in silence. This torments both physically and psychologically.

Sometimes the victim cannot even understand that he or she is being subject to workplace harassment. Most of it stems from the fact that there is little awareness as to what constitutes workplace harassment or bullying. When bullying goes out of hand there may also be the need to turn into the service of employment lawyers Perth as they are known.

What is workplace bullying?

To report cases of bullying and seek justice for it, it becomes very important for you to first understand what constitutes workplace bullying. Workplace bullying may be defined as the repeated pattern in which an employee is mistreated by others in the workplace, be it co-workers or superiors, that causes physical, emotional or psychological harm.

Forms of Work Place Bullying

Workplace Bullying can manifest itself in various forms such as verbal, non- verbal, physical abuse or even psychological abuse and harassment.

Some of the most commonly reported forms of workplace bullying across places in Australia are:

  • Being sworn or yelled at in the workplaces both by superiors or co-workers.
  • Being given unfair treatment owing to one’s gender
  • Being made to feel uncomfortable owing to inappropriate sexual humour
  • Being physically assaulted or threatened by co-workers or clients.
  • Undergoing a lot of mental stress due to repeated bouts of violence
  • Undergoing a lot of mental stress due to violence in the workplace which may not affect one physically but takes a toll on the psychological health.

Gender and Age

Studying the various cases of workplace violence can reveal the fact that there are some startling patterns in the cases of this violence, mostly owing to the gender or the age of the victims.

It has been observed that women are more prone than their male counterparts to fall victim to the violence and bullying that are associated with gender. Similarly, both the homosexual employees as well as the women are often the butt of the sexist jokes that leaves them very uncomfortable. If a workplace has a very uneven ratio of men and women workers, then the women often tend to face greater amounts of harassment.

More men are prone to physical assaults and the places that typically employ more men than women often have an environment where repeated incidents of violence take place. Thus it can be said that the sex ratio in workplaces play a decisive role when it comes to the environment that it has.

Similarly, age can also be a factor at times since most of the employees who reportedly face harassment are usually within 20- 35 years of age.

Safe working environment

To prevent workplace bullying the first important step is to establish a safe working space, irrespective of the gender and the sexuality of the employees that are working. Both the workers as well as the employers share a role in ensuring this.

From the Employer’s End

From the employer’s end, several steps must be taken to prevent any form of harassment to their workers. The first most important step is to create a healthy workspace where there is a balances sex ratio. Further, there should be an internal grievance cell that must be established to ensure that that in case a worker feels that he or she has been treated unjustly; they have a place where they can report their issues. Certain guidelines must also be put up to be followed by the workers in their conduct to the other workers. In fact, much of these come under the employee rights Perth

From the Employee’s End

Even if an employer makes the best arrangements to control instances of harassment, it shall not be possible unless there is some level of co-operation on the part of the employees. There should be a general feeling of respect among the employees for each other. The guidelines laid down by the employers must be strictly adhered to

Ask for a lawyer

However, sometimes even these measures are also not quite enough to prevent workplace bullying. If you feel that you have been subject to such kind of bullying and you are not getting the proper assistance from authorities, you must avail the service of the top employment lawyers.

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So say no to workplace bullying and take the right kind of action today!