New Updates In Building Dispute Lawyers Australia 2021-2022

January 12, 2022    Civillawyers
New Updates In Building Dispute Lawyers Australia 2021-2022

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people continued to work from home in various countries, and travel was restricted to a great amount. The video linked and online proceedings have become a part of life. Mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution have been increasingly used to address delays and backlogs in court processes. Many civil law lawyers now address court cases and represent their clients online.

Even though courts have opened and live hearings have returned, yet it seems some of the new ways of working are here to stay. The use of technology for shorter and interlocutory hearings and court filing is not going anytime soon. The physical meeting of people has been reduced greatly due to this pandemic, and much importance has been given to technology.

  • Enhancing Efficiency: Criminal and civil procedures are often reviewed and reformed in various jurisdictions to enhance efficiency and modernise the litigation process. In particular, one has seen the establishment of many specialised courts in national jurisdictions that can deal with commercial cases involving parties around the globe. Civil lawyers deal with disputes between parties from around the globe on the internet.
  • ESG And Climate Change: Climate change and ESG have been very important this year. With COP26 increasing awareness and focusing on such topics generally. 2021 has seen an enhancement in collective redress and actions related to ESG globally. With the new year of 2022, various countries can see ongoing success in these proceedings.

The Dispute Resolution Year In Review And Year To Arrive

A global view draws together evaluation, thought leadership and highlights from dispute resolution teams around the globe. This guide summarises a selection of important developments in dispute resolution from 2021 and culminates many necessary developments in 2022.

Dispute Resolution Law Highlights In 2022

Some of the dispute resolution law highlights in Australia in 2022 are-

  • Online safety reforms

Under the Online Safety Act 2021 that takes effect from January 2022, online service providers will be under more pressure to take down cyber abuse, image-based abuse, seriously harmful online content and cyberbullying. The eSafety commissioner can have new powers to ensure law enforcement and form industry standards.

  • Privacy reform

A broad privacy law reform is expected by the year 2022. Previously, the Australian government flagged a review that included stricter law needs for how and when consent is obtained. This also included an updated definition of ‘personal information and improved enforcement powers for the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). Any changes in the area can be heavily examined in light of COVID-19 and personal privacy being very important in Australian minds.

  • Increasing climate change litigation

Litigation is used in an enhanced manner to seek to force government and businesses to act on climate-related risks and climate change. This trend is expected to continue, and claimants are busy testing different litigation pathways that include claims based on tort law, human rights and corporate disclosure laws.

Dispute Resolution Law Highlights From 2021

The dispute resolution law highlights from 2021 are-

  • Transfer pricing appeal concluded

In May, the High Court refused the Commissioner of Taxation leave to appeal from the decision of the Full Federal Court in an important transfer pricing dispute. The case dealt with pricing and contractual arrangements changes between Glencore (owner and operator of an Australian-in mine) and its Swiss parent. The dispute was related to the sale of copper concentrate. A big role was played by building dispute lawyers in this case.

The decision made had a significant implication for the interpretation of Australia’s domestic transfer pricing provisions. The decision will be of great interest outside of Australia.

  • Landmark climate change decision and review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (CTH) (EPBCA)

In Sharma V Minister for the Environment, the Federal Court ruled that the federal environment minister has a certain duty to protect the children of Australia from problems related to climate change. The Court asked the minister to make good use of the powers under the EPBCA. In return, the minister appealed to the Court.

An independent review of the EPCBA identified much needed key reforms that included new and legally enforceable national environmental standards, indigenous engagement and independent oversight/enforcement.

  • Cartel conduct is still a key enforcement priority for the ACCC.

The ACCC finalised two cases in 2021. In one of the cases, the Federal Court ordered three international shipping participants to pay an enhanced penalty of $83.5 million. This is one of the largest criminal cartel fines awarded in Australia.

In another case, the managing director and a former employee were all discharged of criminal cartel offences. It was the first Australian case that involved criminal cartel charges against individuals and the first criminal competition law matter in Australia to be heard before a judge.

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