What are the Different Types and Forms of Breach of Contract?

January 23, 2023    Civillawyers
What are the Different Types and Forms of Breach of Contract?

Contract breaches are risks for anyone who enters into a legal agreement. This is mostly when people deal with a great amount of internal and external contracts. For instance, vendor contracts, customer deals and also employment contracts are examples of contracts.


At times, these contracts may not deliver on the agreed terms, and there are specific types of breach of contract. When there is a failure to meet the contractual obligations, it is a breach of contract. In this guide, you will learn more about the types of contract breaches.


Four Types of Breach of Contract?

It can be challenging for you to figure out if there is a breach in a contract. At times, it can be the case of the agreement being badly drafted or designed. But there are some common ways by which a contract can be breached:


1. Minor Contract Breach –

A minor breach can also be called an immaterial breach or even a partial breach. This is a specific situation where the essential aspects of a contract were received, but some tiny parts regarding the obligation were missing. At times, you will find that there is a recourse to legal action, but in this case, it can be challenging to show damages due to the minor breach.


For instance, a computer was delivered to you, but a user manual was either incomplete or missing. If the part that delivered the computer requires a new or a complete manual, then no harm will be done.


2. Material Breach of Contract –

This type of contract breach is thought to be one of the most severe contract breaches. This form of violation involves an important part of the contract that has not been provided as said or undertaken accordingly. In some cases, more complex contracts will define what will not constitute a contract breach. But common contracts are not known to determine what a contract material breach is.


While knowing more about the different types of breach of contract, you must know more about this contract breach. For instance, if you were to purchase a computer online and only got the monitor, that can be considered as a contact material breach, and you will also be able to take legal action.


Another example is when you enter into a contract with a top marketing company to build a properly functional website by a specific date, and they are unable to deliver, it will be considered a material breach of contract penalty.


3. Anticipatory Contract Breach –

This kind of contract breach occurs when one of the parties to the contract acknowledges that they cannot fulfil the contract side that was initially agreed upon. This usually occurs when the breaching party sends a notification to the other party of their failure to meet the contractual obligations.


You will also find that this will be the least common of all the four contract breaches, but it will still entitle the wronged party to legal solutions. One of the ideal examples of this is that architects make it hard to meet a deadline; this is why they stop doing work on one project and put everything into another project with a new developer.


4. Actual Breach of Contract –

Last but not least, a contract breach is an actual breach, one of the most common ways for a contract to get breached. There is an actual contract breach when the time comes for a party to deliver on their part of the contract, and they are unable to perform their duties properly.


If this kind of contract happens, there are fewer remedy options for the wronged party to pursue. It usually ranges from compensatory damages that will address any direct or immediate losses that result from the breach.


Reducing Contract Breach Risks

It is impossible to completely prevent the chances of a fundamental breach as you cannot predict or control what other parties in the contract will do. But there are some ways by which you can minimise the risk. One of the potential options is how to draft a contract that has the best possible agreements.


When you look back on the old contracts that are both successful and unsuccessful, it will assist your business in identifying the terms, clauses and conditions that can help lessen the potential vulnerabilities. It may be difficult if you have yet to digitise your contract management processes.


You Can Monitor Contract Performance

Contract managers must monitor contract performances actively to ensure that both parties can meet their contractual obligations. Monitoring can help you identify and, after that, contain all the possible problems before they are actionable.


This is one of the reasons you must have a monitoring plan that can define metrics and milestones properly. This can help you know any kind of warning signs. It becomes easier for you to set up automated reminders and notifications that can help your company with such tasks.


What Are Some Implications of a Contract Breach?

As you are aware of the types of breach of contract, you must be aware that based on the form of contract breach, legal actions will be sorted. If both parties are unable to come to terms regarding the agreement, the matter must be taken to the courts. In such cases, the parties usually hire lawyers to represent them during their court cases. Know – How to Prove a Breach of Contract?


It is also said that when one party breaches the contract, they will be subjected to legal proceedings. But in some cases, if there is a minor breach, you must ensure that the order is properly done or fulfilled. The implications will depend on the severity of the contract breach.


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